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Mental Health, Mental Fitness, Neurofeedback, Trainings Booklet, Resilience, Relaxation, Calmness, Prevention
Neurosmartes Arbeiten, Gesundheitsförderung, Prävention, Reflektion, Achtsamkeit

Our training book is an interactive supplement that provides introductory information for beginners but more advanced strategies and practices for those already knowledgeable about mental fitness and health.

Every chapter includes neuroscientifical and psychological basics and models around topics like sleep, creativity, relaxation, stress, mindfulness, focus, learning, and meditation in order to get a better understanding.

Every chapter is followed by clearly described exercises, which are easily applied to daily life. 

Booklet, Mental Fitness and Health, Prevention, Health, Biofeedback

Aim Neuroscientific theory & individual exercises

Sustainability Creating awareness and routines

Modality Group or individual trainings

Availability Global shipment possible

Language German & English

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