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Training book mental fitness & health

Introduce your employees to the topic of mental fitness - entertaining, informative, and sustainable. The individual exercises can easily be integrated into daily routines.

The perfect introduction

Philipp Heiler, Neurofeedback, EEG Measures
Presentation by experts

The brainboost experts address topics like creativity, relaxation, mindfulness, resilience, and meditation in an entertaining and informative manner. Different formats are possible.

Place emphasis online or in person on-site.

Workshop, EEG Measures, Neurofeedback Training, Biofeedback, Supervision, Corporate Health
Leadership workshops

Embed knowledge of Mental Fitness & Health in your organization and bring modern concepts to your teams. For organic development with high acceptance

Building knowledge within the company.

Neuroracing, Neurofeedback, EEG, Carrerabahn, Coporate health

Make it possible to experience and grasp the brain in a playful way. Offer a casual introduction into mental training for your employees on events or health days.

Attention grabber with learning experience.

Brain TV, Webinar, Mental Fitness, Coporate health
Brain TV Webinar Series

Expert guidance over several months to motivate employees to try out different concepts. The webinars are entertaining and address individual questions of the participants.

Popular format with a wide range of topics.

EEG, Neurofeedback, Concepts, digital health management
Individual concepts & events

Mental fitness & health is still in its early stages. There will be many more developments, trainings, and products. We are willing to prepare customized trainings and events.

Use our experience and know-how.

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