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What is the "Brain TV" webinar?

A multimodal (lecture, studies, experiments, live questions, PDF scripts with "homework", books) overall concept on mental Fitness and Health, spanning several weeks.

The central format "BrainTV" with its regular episodes offers long-term and sustainable access to the topic. The different sections bring variety and entertainment to increase the acceptance and interest of the viewers.

The webinar is a popular, appealing training concept with the perfect mix of science, practice and suitability for everyday use. Technical, challenging topics are presented in an easy-to-understand manner. Presentation by experienced experts in a "studio setting".

Everything follows a "common thread", information and design are consistent across all formats.

Webinar, BrainTV, Mental Fitness and health, Prevention, Coporate Health

Studio quality

All webinars are conducted with professional equipment and the highest technical standards.

Variable scope

Webinar, BrainTV, Mental Fitness and Health, Prevention, Relaxation, Conzentration, Training


Employees will understand neuroscience principles related to mental fitness and health, gain useful everyday knowledge about the brain and bodily functions, make their workday more efficient and stress-free, and find rejuvenating relaxation in their free time.

Participants receive a book (printed or digital) and can follow along throughout the training course. A recording and delivery of all webinars is also available upon request.

Aim neuroscientific theory & individual exercises

Sustainability creating awareness and routines

Modality Live-webinars (upon request with recordings)

Availability Worldwide supply possible

Language German & Englisch

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