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Understanding stress and relaxation

Objective & Idea

Stress, tension, relaxation and recovery often take place unconsciously in the brain, but influence our entire body. The same is true in reverse: physical stress is transferred to our psyche.

The Bio & Brain Report helps participants to make these connections visible and understandable. Through an innovative combination of screening and direct coaching based on the measurement data, participants learn more about their stress and relaxation reactions and receive individualized recommendations for preventive exercises.

Thanks to the scientific basis as well as the comprehensible measurement, there is a high probability that the participants will deal with the discussed topics in the long term and sustainably.

Brainreport, Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, EEG, Workshop, Prevention, Coporate Health

Process & added value

The participants should get the maximum individual added value from the appointments.

Therefore, the time periods are chosen in such a way that there is still enough time after the measurement for a personal evaluation and discussion of the results.

In addition, a printout as well as an explanatory folder will be handed out.

Each participant receives a 30-page exercise booklet with further easy-to-use exercises and tips. Therefore, the Bio & Brain Report sets a foundation for regular mental training.

Measurement & evaluation

The measurement is carried out via several sensors (EEG, blood volume pulse, respiratory belt and skin guidance sensor), which are attached painlessly and uncomplicatedly within 1-2 minutes. The clothing does not have to be removed for this. Subsequently, data is collected over 3 x 2 minutes, during which the participants are given different tasks.

The evaluation shows the measured parameters over the course of the 3 measurement phases. The results are discussed in detail with the participants, who also receive a booklet with explanations.


Biofeedback, skin conductance, pulse, respiration, relaxation, concentration, mindfulness, resilience

The appointments last 30 minutes per participant (incl. short change break) and are booked in advance via an appointment list. In order not to falsify the results, the measurements should be performed in a quiet single room.

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