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"Make brain activity tangible"

According to this principle, we converted a carrera racetrack with the result that the cars react to EEG currents. Nostalgia meets the most modern technology. Participants will experience neurofeedback in a fun, tangible way. Our brainboost trainers will guide participants to move the car quickly by activating brainwaves that promote relaxation or concentration and slow or stop the car by activating brainwaves that promote stress or distracted thinking.

NeuroRacing, EEG, Neurofeedback, Carrera, Concentration, Prevention
Carrerabahn, EEG Training, Neurofeedback, Prävention
Carrera, Focus, Relaxation, Speed

Each racetrack allows two participants simultaneously, supervised by two brainboost experts. Perfect for highly frequented places.

Examples of Application

Health days: The Carrera racetrack operated by the brain is a highlight of every health day. The participants can watch their brain do the work in a playful way.

Workshop: We often bring along the racetrack to workshops and include the application in an informative and fun team building workshop.

Events: The Neuroracing is also very popular during casual corporate events. It is best combined as "infotainment“ with a short talk about its connection to mental fitness and health.

The racetrack is supervised by brainboost experts at any time. In the process, measurement values of one's individual brain waves are being explained in a mini coaching session.

Aim Better understanding of brain activity

Sustainability Measuring live-brainwaves promotes awareness

Modality On-site, supervised through 1-2 brainboost experts

Availability DACH region (in and around Munich without travel fee)

Language German & Englisch

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