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"It is our mission to make mental fitness and health available to as many people as possible to increase their quality of life and performance.“

In 2016 Philipp Heiler founded his medical practice specialized in bio- and neurofeedback. The practice focuses primarily on patients experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, burnout, sleeping problems, and difficulties concentrating. In addition to working with patients, Philipp Heiler (MD) also wanted to establish preventative action and practice in the area of peak performance. He founded the company brainboost in the same year with his brother, Tobias Heiler (sports scientist & business economist).

Presently, an interdisciplinary team consisting of a medical doctor, sport-, data-, natural and health scientists, psychologists, business economists, and developers make up the brainboost team.

As experts in the field of mental fitness and health, we support companies in education, prevention, and measures of workplace health promotion. We offer innovative measurement technologies, which have been tested in the medical field as well as a broad portfolio of interventions for Events and Health Days. Participants receive knowledge, strategies and tools from us to meet the growing demands for mental fitness.

Philipp Heiler, Neurofeedback Training
Philipp Heiler

Medical Doctor, CEO

Tobias Heiler, Neurofeedback, Supervision
Tobias Heiler

Sport Scientist, CEO


"Make Neuroscience available"

Scientific and data-based. These are the guidelines of our work at brainboost as well as in the Philipp Heiler's practice. All information, interventions, exercises, and lectures are based on neuroscientifically verified concepts and technologies. Brainboost additionally conducts its own research in cooperation with several university partners, among them LMU and TU in Munich as well as the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences.

Our core technology is the EEG, a technology which has been established in the medical field for decades. It can make brain activities visible. Several of our offers include live EEG measurements of the participants, always using medical devices. We always walk on the path of science and are therefore aware of the limitations of this technology. Every single offer is carried out with a clear conscience.

In our collaboration with patients, companies, and employees we observed that the terms "psyche/psychological“ as well as medical diagnoses such as "depression“ or "burnout“ encounter rejection and anxiety.

As such, we use the term "mental fitness & health" to inspire and promote the topic. You will not find direct relations between the interventions, measurements, and medical diagnosis. Our data show that this approach results in a high acceptance with participants and sustainable awarenes and outcomes.


Why "Mental Fitness & Health"?

Regarding the topic of fitness or health many people initially think of physical aspects.

On the other hand, the word "psyche", is often associated with severe mental health disorders. A social stigma still exists concerning mental health which places a barrier in acceptance and treatment.

The relationship between physical and mental fitness is important for a holistic wellbeing. With "mental fitness & health“ the focus is on strategies and exercises that support the physical organ "brain" and correspondingly, the mind.

Mental Fitness, Mental Health, Trends, Neurofeedback, EEG Training


In the last two decades, demands and requirements in the workplace have changed dramatically. Workplace tasks increasingly strain mind and brain yet education, prevention, and care for mental health concerns have not been addressed in the workplace. This is shown quite clearly in trends, which are outlined in the health reports of several health insurances.

Some companies have implemented mental fitness and health as training topics for their employees and lead the way in building capacity in their employees. More and more professionals engage in strategies to improve mental capacities and resilience against everyday challenges and stress.

Mental Health, days of incapacity to work, Mental Fitness, Prevention, Coporate health


of all IW-days are due to mental issues

Nr. 1

mental health concerns as most common reason for absence at work

"Anybody can be affected - no matter the position - ranging from intern to CEO"


"Benefits of awareness & preventative measures"

Sick leave and treatments are a strain for those concerned as well as companies and health insurances. Not only the actual days of employee absence limit the productivity of companies. Also factors like reduced concentration or creativity as well as increased tiredness and distractibility impact employee performance even when present at the workplace.

Prevention pays off. The first step is education together with creating awareness for possible cues ("red flags“).

Our strategy:

Through scientific and innovative measures we increase the awareness of participants for mental fitness and thus achieve a high level of approval by employees. Mental health and also buzzwords like, mindfulness and meditation, are being explained and put into context neuroscientifically. This results in a better and holistic understanding of health.

Our commitment to quality:

Trained experts with practical experience:

all measures are being conducted by experienced and skillful employees of brainboost.

Measurement of real brain activity:

the application of medical technology enables data-quality according to medical standards. We do not make any compromises.

Individual take-home strategies:

Participants go through individualized processes and get customized recommendations, which are relevant to their everyday life.

We continuously receive positive feedback and participants gain a better understanding of mental fitness and obtain strategies for they everyday life. This results in many of our corporate partners requesting follow-up services.

We are aware that mental health is a delicate subject. Due to this, we take data protection very seriously. We discuss data storage and processing for each customer individually. That is why you won’t find any pictures of "real events“ in this document.



destigmatization, sensitizing, self-reflection


objective, transparent, data-based

(at online-talks, books or videos recorded measurements are being shown)


individual strategies, customized to company and personal needs


daily routines with exercises regarding mental training

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