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Workshop, Training, Mental Fitness and Health, Neuroscience, Stressprevention, b2b

Customized training modules and workshops for employees, teams and managers.


Experienced facilitators use innovative methods with neuroscientific measurements to work on your individual problems and concerns.

We coordinate the desired output with you and advise you on current trends and best practices. We use our knowledge to create impulses and work together with the participants to develop concepts and strategies that are precisely tailored to your company.


Iterative approach with co-creation

Workshop, Mental Fitness, BGM, Stress, Relaxation, Emotions

Goal Long-term strengthening of teams and executives

Sustainability Development of concepts for your company

Modality 0,5 - 3 days

Availability DACH region (in Munich area without travel expenses)

Language German and English (material partly in German)

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